How can I earn more BAT?

How can I earn more BAT?

BAT is rewarded to users for allowing ads in their Brave Browser experience. More information can be found here:
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    • What currencies are supported?

      Only BAT is supported at this time.
    • What is a verified Brave wallet?

      Verifying your Brave browser wallet allows you to control and transfer BAT funds out of the browser and into your Uphold account. From Uphold, you can then exchange BAT for other Cryptocurrencies or convert your BAT into FIAT to be deposited into ...
    • What do I need to redeem a gift card?

      Users must have a verified Uphold account with enough BAT available to make a redemption.
    • How do I enter sweepstakes?

      Users can enter any live sweepstake for the cost of one BAT.   If a user would like to enter multiple entries into a specific contest then they must choose the amount while entering.  Once entered, the BAT will be deducted from the user's wallet.
    • How does it work?

      Once you log in or sign up with Uphold and verify your identity you are able to browse the gift cards and redeem BAT for a gift card.  All redeemed cards are stored in the Gift Card Marketplace Wallet and can be accessed at any time.