How old do you have to be to enter?

How old do you have to be to enter?

You must be 18+ years old to enter all Uber sweepstakes.
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    • How many times can I enter?

      As long as the user has enough tokens, they can enter a sweepstake up to 1000 times.  The more they enter, the better chance they have of winning.
    • How can I use my UBER points to enter sweepstakes?

       All users must create a MyTAPRewards account or if they are already a member you must log-in My Tap Rewards.  Creating an account is free of charge. To enter the Sweepstakes using an MTR rewards token you must have a verified Account and at least ...
    • How many tokens to enter a sweepstake?

      At least one token minimum, depending on the sweepstake it could be more and will be noted prior to entry.
    • I received a code from UBER Rewards. How do I use it?

      Users who receive a code from Uber Rewards will either click on the deep link from within the uber app rewards store experience or navigate to the TAP/Uber page and enter it.
    • Are there other ways to earn sweepstakes tokens?

      To enter without purchase and without redeeming any UBER Reward Points, you may obtain up to one (1) entry (“Alternate Entry”) per eligible Sweepstakes by sending a card or piece of paper, on which you hand-print your full name, complete address, ...