How will I know if I won?

How will I know if I won?

Winners will be notified by the email address that they used to create their account.  It is very important that the winner confirms within 48 hours from the time they received the notification.  If the winner fails to respond within the 48-hour window then they will forfeit the prize and the second-place winner will receive the prize.  
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    • What kind of impact will my $1.00 donation make?

       A huge impact! The average cost to feed a child for a day is $3.55, which means that $1 provides 1 meal a day.
    • What is "Brave Rewards"?

      Brave Rewards lets you anonymously support the sites you visit. With Brave Rewards, your browser tallies the attention you spend on the sites you visit and divides up a monthly BAT contribution among sites based on your attention. Nobody will know ...
    • Is there a processing fee to donate?

      No, all standard redemption and processing fees will be waived so 100% of your contributions will go towards the featured charity/non-profit.
    • Why did I receive an error while attempting a card purchase?

      This can be due to insufficient funds, server error, service interruption or an incorrect 2FA code entry. Please try again or submit a ticket and a team member will assist as soon as possible.
    • Where can I see my donation?

      Receipt of donation will be held in your wallet in the same place redeemed gift cards are stored.  Note, a minimum donation of $25 is required to receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.