What requirements are needed to create my Uphold account?

What requirements are needed to create my Uphold account?

  • A current address

  • A valid government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or a passport

  • A “selfie” or photo of yourself from your device

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    • How do I create an Uphold account?

      Please see the Uphold step by step sign-up process here
    • How do I create my Brave Rewards Wallet?

      The first step is to sign-up or login to Uphold, an official partner of Brave.
    • What do I need to redeem a gift card?

      Users must have a verified Uphold account with enough BAT available to make a redemption.
    • What is a verified Brave wallet?

      Verifying your Brave browser wallet allows you to control and transfer BAT funds out of the browser and into your Uphold account. From Uphold, you can then exchange BAT for other Cryptocurrencies or convert your BAT into FIAT to be deposited into ...
    • How will I know if I won?

      Winners will be notified by the email address that they used to create their account.  It is very important that the winner confirms within 48 hours from the time they received the notification.  If the winner fails to respond within the 48-hour ...