Where can I see all my Sweepstakes tokens?

Where can I see all my Sweepstakes tokens?

You can access your tokens in the top right corner of the platform and click where it says "Tokens".   
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    • What is a Sweepstakes Token?

      Sweepstakes tokens are rewarded for signing up for the platform and referring friends who sign-up for the platform.  Tokens can be entered into various sweepstake drawings that include Warner Music artists tickets, merchandise and many other great ...
    • How can I earn more sweepstake tokens?

      When you sign-up for the platform you are automatically credited 3 tokens. Each time you refer a friend and they sign-up you earn 3 tokens.  
    • How can I see my tokens?

      In the top right corner of the platform, you can view the number of tokens in your account.  Furthermore, you can manage and view activity within your wallet on the platform.
    • How do I enter sweepstakes?

      Once your account is verified head to the Redeem section of the website when logged into your account (wmgrewards.com/redeem/sweepstakes). There you’ll be able to use your 3 tokens to enter into this or any other sweepstakes that we are currently ...
    • Can my tokens be converted into cash?

      No, tokens may only be used to enter sweepstakes.