Why am I being charged a fee for gift card redemption?

Why am I being charged a fee for gift card redemption?

Most of our transactions are free, but for some currencies and transactions, there could be a reduced service fee.
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    • Do gift cards expire?

      Gift Cards from our Marketplace follow the standard terms and conditions governing gift cards from participating brands. Most gift cards are good for at least 5 years from issuance, some never expire. Please check the specific brands’ website for ...
    • How can I find the gift card I want redeem?

      Once you are logged in, from the Gift Card Marketplace homepage, click “see more” in section 2 and either scroll or search (upper right-hand corner). All available cards are displayed.
    • What do I need to redeem a gift card?

      Users must have a verified Uphold account with enough BAT available to make a redemption.
    • Is there a processing fee to donate?

      No, all standard redemption and processing fees will be waived so 100% of your contributions will go towards the featured charity/non-profit.
    • Can I return or exchange a gift card?

      Unfortunately no, all redemptions are final.